Hall calendar

Use the calendar below to check Hall and Pavilion availability for your event or celebration, and to see what’s on – it is only provided to show the hire times and NOT to indicate the actual start and finish times of any functions.

This calendar is updated in real time but is provided for information only and not as a confirmation of bookings. Bookings cannot be guaranteed to be up to date. For any queries or to confirm availability please check with the Booking Officer.

Bookings for the Community Hall and Pavilion are shown together on the same calendar.


Check availability on the Hall Calendar above and download the Hire Application form. Return the form by email to info@gorefieldcommunityhall.co.uk or by post to:

Community Hall
Wolf Lane
Cambs PE13 4NE

If you have any difficulties downloading the pdf or if you have any questions please email us or call Michael on 01945 410644


Hire Application Form (pdf)

Hiring Policy and Procedure (pdf)

Hall and Sports Pavilion Terms and Conditions (pdf)

Hall and Sports Pavilion Terms and Conditions – incl. additional guidance for teenage and young adult parties (pdf)

Our hire opening times are:
Available daily 08:00 to 02:00